Eden design’s Property Styling provides a “one-stop shop” service for residential home and apartment builders who want a complete, professional Model of their project.

We enable you to outsource this component of your project cost effectively, without the need to purchase expensive furnishings or engage your own Interior Stylist.

Our experienced team of Stylists will manage the installation

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process from furniture selection to delivery, set up and pick up. The furniture is carefully selected to individualize the presentation of each display property to attract the widest range of potential buyers. Based on the developer needs, we install display apartments and homes with furniture, white goods, art hangings and soft furnishings to complement the design of the property and help drive rapid sales results. Eden is a Fort Lauderdale property styling company that you can rely on.

We offer longer term rental plans designed for developers who run extended campaigns or wish to retain our furniture in a show unit for longer periods. We can also change the furniture and styling during the sales campaign to provide a fresh look to the property.


High end interior design service and project management for all new built projects.

Contact us for a detailed consultation with one of our designers